Thanks to social media “scientist,” Dan Zarrella, we now know how we can get more likes, comments, and shares on Facebook. His latest infographic is based on¬†collected data on more than 1.3 million posts published on the top 10,000 Facebook pages. And here’s what he discovered:

  • Between photos, text, video, and links, photos perform best for likes and sharing.
  • Text outperforms the others for comments.
  • Very short or longer posts have a higher like percentage.
  • Longer posts get more shares.
  • When you use words such as “I” or “me,” you’ll get more likes.
  • Very negative posts get more comments than positive ones.
  • Posting content later in the day gets more likes and shares. (In your same time zone, I imagine.)
  • Posting on the weekend gets more likes.

Does any of this data surprise you?

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2 Responses to Getting More Facebook Likes, Comments, and Shares

  • Thanks for weighing in, Michael. Measuring social media outcomes is proving to be a real challenge for many organizations. Although I agree that “Likes” and “Shares” are valuable, they only represent the tip of the iceberg. Measuring engagement and calls to action are even more important. It’ll be interesting to see what transpires in this arena.

    Thanks again!

  • Great post. Getting more likes and shares is something that always comes up in conversation and it’s always good to see that there is good data and strategies out there to focus on.

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