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How One Blog Reader Validated My Entire Blogging History

Have you ever received a message from a total stranger that was absolutely validating? One that made you feel SO good inside from something you did unknowingly?

Well, that happened to me recently with one of my blog readers. Vanessa Matthew is a business development associate at Animal Care & Control of New York City, a nonprofit organization  that rescues over 40,000 animals each year. She sent me this message through LinkedIn:

Dear Elaine,

We don’t know each other, but one day, while trying to figure out what I was doing in Development, I found your blog. Post, after post, I read. Then I found your post, ‘Fundraising, Marketing, Communications – What’s the Diff?’ My journey became clearer.

All of these years I had been calling myself a fundraiser until I read, ‘I’ve worked on the “inside” of large nonprofits that do a lot of fundraising to generate revenue. But, I have never called myself a professional fundraiser. I specialize in marketing strategy and tactics, including marketing communications (marcom), but I still don’t call myself a professional fundraiser.’

This is when I became a loyal follower of yours, as your words have changed my life. I started doing informational interviews to learn more about what I have been doing. I found out what I have truly enjoyed doing in development is marketing. Now, I am prepping my application to apply to NYU’s Master’s in Integrated Marketing with a focus on Marketing Analytics.

I wish I knew what I do now before, but I know that my next step is to obtain a position in Marketing where I can learn and grow from those just as interested in marketing as I am.

I just wanted to say, thank you!


Vanessa Matthew”

I can’t tell you how special this message is to me. To think that blogging can have such a profound effect on someone’s life is mind blowing and I’m honored that Vanessa chose my blog to read.

As a former teacher, I have always relished having a positive influence on students. Now, as a marketer, writer, and speaker, I am still thrilled when something I’ve done or said helps someone. Plus, I am grateful that Vanessa took the time to write to me to let me know.

So, now, whenever I feel blue that no one is commenting on my blog, I’ll remember Vanessa, who read my words that changed her life. Good luck to Vanessa on her new journey as a student of integrated marketing and a future nonprofit marketer!

Has you ever experienced something like this? Please share your story.

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