If you’re like me, you’re probably noticing new marketing terms popping up all the time. New technology = new apps, platforms, and software → new ways to engage people → new terms.

One of the newer ones is multichannel marketing, which I have been encouraging readers and clients to undertake. Then, there is cross-channel marketing, which may sound synonymous, but there’s a distinction between the two that I thought I’d share.

Multichannel Marketing: is when you use multiple marketing channels simultaneously to convey the same message or campaign.
E.g. You create a marketing campaign using a mix of channels such as e-mail, social media, direct mail, and newspaper advertising.

Cross-Channel Marketing: is when you follow and track your customers/clients/donors/members from one marketing channel to another.
E.g. You create a marketing campaign in one channel that includes links, codes, or connections to your other channels.  You track your targets as they engage in one and then move to another. This requires a more holistic approach to the marketing organization – away from silos, plus it means trying to engage with them in the right channel at the right time.

Do you use either or both of these marketing methods? How successful have they been? 

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