Is Your Web Site a Pain in the Butt?

Pain in buttIs your Web site a pain in the butt? What do I mean by that?

  • Is it challenging to navigate?
  • Is it hard to find specific information?
  • Does it take you in a loop when you can’t locate specific information?
  • Is there an FAQ?
  • Is the FAQ easy to locate and understand?
  • Does your FAQ cover most issues and questions your Web visitors have?
  • Is your copy succinct and easy to understand?

Have you ever tested your Web site with others?  Have you asked unrelated people to read the copy and see if they understand what your product/service is all about?

I know it seems über simple, but, really, your Web site is prime real estate in the online world. If your customers, donors, clients, prospects, can’t find what they’re looking for, you are doomed!

Bigger businesses and organizations can conduct this using the services of market research companies. Smaller organizations can conduct this by themselves fairly easily.

The point is: to test your Web site for user friendliness!

One really bad example:

Sorry, Skype, I like your service, but damned if I can ever find the information I need. I get so frustrated, especially whenever I am in a loop. The organic navigation pathways are so messed up. Maybe because English isn’t its first language? I’m not sure.

Any small or mid-sized business, nonprofit organization or the like can ask a few guinea pigs to test their sites for readability, comprehension, navigation, and usability.  Just make sure the testers have never visited your site before and you can garner fresh insights.

  1. Great reminder about the obvious!!! Too many of us ignore the needs/perception of those we are trying to serve!!


    • Thanks so much for your comment, Patricia! Sometimes, it’s easy to get bogged down with bells and whistles before establishing the necessary foundations for success.

      Happy New Year!