Spam cartoon iconWhat good news. Email spam is dying. And, it can’t come soon enough.

In a recent Forbes article by Kenneth Rapoza, based on a Kaspersky study, “The share of spam in email traffic decreased steadily throughout 2012 to hit a five year low, an unprecedented decrease.”

Thanks to anti-spam protection and legislation, we’re making good progress on reducing the spam we receive. Both our personal and business inboxes should now contain more “real” email messages from those we know and those who have our permission to email us.

Even though, we can’t completely eradicate spam for now, it’s a good sign for your e-mail marketing campaigns. Just make sure the people on your lists are legit.

Have you noticed a difference in spam levels lately?
Have you adjusted your previous e-mail marketing tactics because of spam?

P.S. Now, if anyone can tell me how to get rid of those nuisance emails advising me of a pending Fedex shipment, I’d be grateful. :(

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