NewsboyGuess what? Newspapers remain just as popular as social networks. Yes, you read that right.

KPMG International found that in the past month, 58% of U.S. respondents read a print newspaper, while 57% visited a social networking or blogging site. It’s even more widespread in the U.K., Australia, and Canada.

  • 70% of Brits read a print newspaper in the past month.
  • 69% of Australians
  • 64% of Canadians

Let’s compare this with the percentages of people who read their news online.

  • 52% of Australians read their news online in the past month.
  • 50% of Brits
  • 48% of Canadians
  • 42% of Americans

So, if your business or nonprofit used to include newspaper advertising as part of its marketing mix, and now it doesn’t, maybe it’s tossed the baby out with the bath water?

Do you prefer to read a print or digital newspaper?  Do you look at ads in print newspapers?

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4 Responses to Don’t Toss Out Print Newspaper Advertising Just Yet

  • Well, Elaine, I’m sure they would love to have more ads, but don’t we all!!!!

  • As a media buyer that specializes in newspaper, I am refreshed to read your article. I am not surprised at all, but online sources almost always report negative information on newspaper advertising. The fact is that the ads still pull well. Yes, circulations are down in many markets, but in many cases advertising rates have been adjusted to compensate for this. There is often less competition in the papers than there was just a few years ago. It really is a buyer’s market in newsprint!!!

    I would like to repost your article on my website, if you do not mind. Of course, we will give proper credit and a link back to this page.

    • Thanks, Leigh Ann. If print newspaper advertising didn’t work, I imagine it would be impossible to sell it. And, so far, almost every daily I’ve picked up still has plenty of ads. :)

      Thanks for weighing in!

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