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3 Ways Printed Brochures Make Viable Marketing Tools

Brochure sampleIn today’s marketing world, digital marketing has certainly gained huge market share in many business and nonprofit budgets. So, what place do printed brochures have anymore?

If you want your organization to stand out in certain situations, the printed brochure can be very beneficial. Here are just three examples where printed brochures make viable marketing tools:

1. Trade shows and conferences. 

In places where people are walking around or congregating, print brochures are simple to distribute and can serve as a conversation starter. With print costs more affordable than ever before, brochures are easily tossed into conference bags or handbags.

For those who get restless during educational sessions, brochures make good reading materials. To get the most benefit from a multichannel approach, add a QR code to the piece, or a landing page url you can track. Offer a free white paper or digital giveaway as a call to action.

2. Leave behinds.

When you meet with prospects in person, brochures make an excellent leave behind. The content can reinforce some of the key messages you shared in your meeting and provide your contact information should your business card get misplaced.

3. Direct mail.

While your target audiences are trying to manage their overfilled e-mail inboxes, direct mail is still getting through the clutter. Sending attractive and well-written acquisition brochures can be a good lead-in to follow-up phone calls or promoting upcoming trade shows and conferences.

Adding a small promotional product with a creative call to action can add extra interest. Or, add a coupon, ticket, or other valuable piece to attract attention. People do like getting free stuff.

Combining print brochures with other marketing tactics can help build momentum for your marketing objectives. Take an integrated, multichannel approach and test them out. Try doing an A/B split test to see which ones work better for your purposes.

Is your business or nonprofit using print brochures? For which purposes? Do they work?

Brochure template from Microsoft Office

One Response to 3 Ways Printed Brochures Make Viable Marketing Tools

  • Some useful tips here – I think it’s crucial to cover all bases and to get things right the first time. Not only will a bad brochure fail to attract more business, it could even scare previous customers off.

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