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What’s the perfect balance of emails to send to your target audiences? Once a month? Weekly? Daily? That’s the $64,000 question. (OK, that just dated me.)

A new survey by BlueHornet, reported in MarketingCharts, shows that frequency is the top reason people say they unsubscribe from email programs. What does that mean to you? TOO many emails from the same sender! Does this describe your company or nonprofit?

Even though the survey focused on consumers, we can learn a great deal from the results. 

Here are the things that email subscribers dislike:

  • Frequency: Too many emails from you.
    Solution: Instead of offering an opt-out option only, also offer an “opt down” option (change in frequency, subscription topics, etc.).
  • Irrelevant content: If the subject line or email content doesn’t resonate with subscribers, why would they read it?
    Solution: Segment your distribution lists and ensure that the content appeals to each one. Ask them what they want to read? What topics will help them?
  • Clutter: Just too many emails in their inboxes.
    Solution: With many scanning their inboxes to see what attracts their attention, you need to pay attention to your subject lines.
  • Tired of the brand: They just don’t like your brand anymore. 🙁
    Solution: It happens. You can’t please everyone. They may return if your social media activity proves interesting, or they re-discover your brand through another channel.

Does your organization experiences many unsubscribes? What do you think the reasons are?


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