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Freaky Friday Marketing Examples

It’s Friday, and what better time to share some freaky marketing examples.

This first example is local – an email I received this week:

Fertility Forum




Now, why is this email freaky? The sender did NOT do his/her homework. Talk about being UNtargeted.

I am past my childbearing years, so the last thing I need is a fertility forum. Geez.








The next one is national, and you may have heard about it.

Tea Kettle Billboard

America has gone mad. What the heck does a tea kettle have to do with Hitler? For goodness sake, get a life!

And, to be politically correct, J. C. Penney has taken down the billboards and removed the kettle from its online products. As if the company hasn’t had enough troubles lately.

What did you think of the J. C. Penney billboard fiasco?

2 Responses to Freaky Friday Marketing Examples

  • I do not see the Hitler resemblance (even tried staring at it for 3 minutes then closing my eyes – only saw Jesus…I’m sure of it). Nonetheless, it’s a good thing they pulled the ad and the product because if you look closely, the teapot kind of resembles a front load tractor about to drop a very heavy bell right onto a beautiful dove flying through the air. jcpenney is obviously anti avian and ought to make amends by giving a donation to the National Audobon Society. Yes, I would say America has gone mad…it’s a teapot for heaven’s sake!
    Regarding the other ad…all I can say is, you are so pessimistic Elaine! I mean, with the right ‘superfoods,’ some acupuncture and some guided meditation…..well gosh…I bet you could have quads! Have Hope Elaine! You’re not in Canada anymore….you’re in AMERICA!!!

    • LOL, Keith!! You’ve got to write a guest post here someday soon.

      Jesus, huh? 🙂

      As for superfoods, acupuncture, etc. it would take a real miracle. Even if I am in America now!

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