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Why Do Some People Hide Their Social Media Identities?

HideHave you ever wondered why some social media profiles have no photo or identifying name? What are they afraid of?

If they’re trying to market their companies or organizations, why wouldn’t they want to personalize their engagement? After all, humans relate to humans, not to organizations and logos.


Many top-ranked bloggers started out representing their employers, like Scott Monty, the global head of social media for Ford Motor Company. He was able to put a face and personality behind the Ford brand.

Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos, used to blog regularly until he became so famous as a corporate leader and book author, that now the company has a designated blogger, Hannah E.  She brings her personality to Zappos, listing her favorite vacation spot, favorite music, pets, etc.

Successful organizations know that when their employees share their passion and personalities with prospects and customers, people relate to the brand better. So, why the anonymity from the ones who still hide?

This week a company requested my connection on LinkedIn. I accepted because it was local. When I sent a message, I asked, “What’s your real name?” He gave it, but damned if I’ll remember it a few months from now.

Someone made a comment on this blog recently and used a company name only. Since I like to respond to real people, I checked out the company site and clicked the “about” button. Absolutely no people are listed!

How does any company build credibility when its prospects have no idea who’s behind the content? How will people learn anything about it if its people won’t reveal who they are? Very weird.

So, if you’re reading this and you hide your identity on your social media profiles, it’s time you came out! Unless, of course, you’re a drug dealer or are into other criminal activity. In that case, don’t ask me to connect, OK? 🙂

2 Responses to Why Do Some People Hide Their Social Media Identities?

  • Social media is about putting a personal face on what your company does and this is more important than ever in a time when trust of the corporate domain has had attention regularly in the mainstream media. It is essential to remind people that there are real, smiling faces behind your goods or services, and people don’t want to communicate with an inanimate object – a corporate drone, so to speak, but rather one of the thousands of employees who make the cogs and wheels turn every day. Think Zappos!

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