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Personal-brand-graphToday, I will be presenting a one-hour presentation on personal branding at a national conference. What a perfect time to share an excerpt of my content with you.

First things first: What is a Personal Brand?

In my opinion, there’s no difference between a business brand and a personal one. It’s everything about a company, organization, product, service, or YOU!

Your personal brand includes your skills, personality, behaviors, values, experiences, words, attitudes, and image. And, even though your personal brand may be experienced differently by your various networks, it is still YOU.

You’re probably freer with your family and friends than you are with your work colleagues. That doesn’t mean that your personal brand changes. It should still be authentic and consistent. You’re just going to filter certain elements of the brand for certain groups.

In other words, you may not want to behave the same way when you’re out with friends as you would with your colleagues or boss. And, if you do, you may want to re-assess. :)

Why Should a Personal Brand Be Important to You?

  • It helps build your credibility and others’ level of trust in you.
  • It can demonstrate your expertise and leadership skills.
  • It helps you reach your career objectives.
  • It helps get you recognized.
  • It can attract others to you.
  • It can increase your influence.
  • It can help increase your self-confidence.

Basically, your personal brand is a huge asset. It determines how others perceive and experience you.

Have you ever thought about your personal brand? Have you developed a personal brand plan? Or, do you just wing it? Please share.

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4 Responses to Why is a Personal Brand Important?

  • Good piece. Amused that Tom Peters first explored personal branding back in 1997, and now everyone is just beginning to jump on the bandwagon thanks to the collaborative tools of Web 2.0.

  • I work at maintaining a consistent brand in everything I do but until recently didn’t call it a brand – I thought of it as my style. I strive for authenticity and transparency so that who I am shows in all that I do – personally as well as professionally.

    • I think most people would agree with you, James. We didn’t have an assigned name for this previously. Basically, a personal brand is our reputation. Whatever we call it, authenticity is certainly key.

      Thanks for weighing in – from one MarketingProfs writer to another. :)

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