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Man Laughing While Holding His StomachI had always suspected that funny advertising messages would get the best response from target audiences. When I worked with the late comic actor, Leslie Nielsen, producing humorous TV and radio spots for a nonprofit disability organization, people thought I was nuts.

How can I make fun of people with disabilities, they asked. Even Mr. Nielsen had his reservations when he saw the scripts.

It wasn’t until the actress we cast said, “What? People with disabilities have senses of humor, too!” did others feel at ease. She was a wheelchair dancer and actress who captivated Mr. Nielsen with her charm.

Once the spots aired, reaction was positive. We used slapstick humor to get our message out. What else would you do with such a great comedic actor like Mr. Nielsen?

And, now there’s proof that using humorous advertising messages resonates more than any other type. It’s not surprising that we like to have our funny bones tickled and the messages that hit home make us chuckle.

Have you ever used humor in your advertising messages? Which types of ad messages do YOU prefer?

P.S. Have you noticed that my post is about Leslie Nielsen and a Nielsen study? 🙂

Nielsen funny ads study

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