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office colleaguesAre your business or nonprofit organization employees or co-workers openly communicating? If not, it has a big problem.

How can they ‘live the brand’ internally and externally if they’re afraid to rock the boat or feel that their feedback is pointless? They can’t.

According to a recent Harvard Business Review article by James R. Detert and Ethan R. Burris, leaders use a variety of tools to get people to speak up. They focus on improving communication up and down the hierarchy.

But, these usually fail for two reasons:

  1. a fear of consequences (embarrassment, isolation, low performance ratings, lost promotions, and even firing)
  2. a sense of futility (the belief that saying something won’t make a difference, so why bother?)

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typewriterHave you given any thought to your business’ or nonprofit’s standard font styles? You know, the ones you’re supposed to use consistently in your marketing communications?

I actually blogged about this in January 2014, “Why Typography is Important in Marketing,” and in March 2011, “Use Simple Fonts for Better Marketing Results.” What’s interesting is that not much has changed.

What prompted me to revisit this topic was an email I received from a marketing colleague yesterday:

Change is not an event, rather it’s a process.

In my experience, it starts with leaders understanding that change is necessary — and then creating a leadership team to assist with developing the implementation plan and managing adoption.

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use your voiceA new study by the University of Chicago Booth School of Business shows that using our voices can make a big difference in winning a new job. And neuromarketing guru, Roger Dooley, says we can use the voice effect to our advantage for other purposes, too.

“It’s reasonable to assume that the same thing would happen in other situations involving first-time contacts. Initial sales contacts, for example, have a lot in common with job interviews.”

Really? Now you tell us!

According to the study, “A résumé highlighting stellar professional credentials and experience could pique the interest of a prospective employer, but it’s your voice that may actually help you land the job.”

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