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by Elaine Fogel

Brand Mutiny at Smaller Organizations

Updated: November 2016

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So, you work at a smaller business or nonprofit organization, and you think brand management is only for large corporations? NOT!

Brand management is as important in smaller organizations as it is for the “big guys.”

Let’s say your company or organization has taken the time to develop a sense of its brand. Although you may not have gone through a complete branding process, perhaps you have developed a brand identity.

That’s a good start. It’s even better if you created the identity with input from a variety of stakeholders. Continue reading

The Importance of Internal Marketing

Updated: November 2016

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So, what is internal marketing?

Internal marketing is when organizations think of their employees as their first market – their internal customers. It’s when all employees are customer-oriented and work together as a team, no matter who their “customers” are:

  • business-to-consumer customers
  • business-to-business customers
  • professional services clients
  • donors
  • members
  • patrons
  • students
  • guests

You get the picture…

What’s the purpose of practicing internal marketing?

It helps ensure that employees are effectively carrying out the organization’s programs and policies. An informed staff means one that’s more engaged and invested in the organization’s outcomes.

Internal marketing creates an environment that enables organizations to focus on whatever needs changing internally so they can enhance their external marketplace performance. Happy campers internally mean happy customers externally.

Internal marketing helps organizations deliver better customer experiences by aligning, coordinating, and motivating employees.

What are the benefits?

For organizations:

Organizations benefit from higher employee satisfaction, and retention. Recruitment and training have costs, so when employees stay longer, and are more satisfied with their jobs, organizations save money.

Other benefits include:

  • a customer-oriented workforce
  • enhanced external business relationships
  • a better flow of information internally
  • empowered employees
  • increased compliance with standards and protocols
  • improved brand reputation
  • increased profits!

For employees:

Employees feel more motivated and experience higher job satisfaction. They feel empowered to make decisions – within certain guidelines – and begin to feel more respected and valued for their contributions.

This feeling leads to a greater sense of belonging to the “team,” as well as responsibility and accountability to employers. Staff conflicts wane and people have better dispositions at work.

Now, who wouldn’t want to work for an organization with a culture like that?

And what does it take? Openness, flexibility, and a desire to do things better for better results.

It takes a customer-orientation mindset.

Does your organization practice internal marketing?

Tell us what it does that works. If not, what could your organization be doing to make things better?

For information on booking a presentation on internal marketing, click the workshop title below:

The Internal Marketing Symphony – Orchestrating Marketing Across the Organization

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Best Times to Post Links in Social Media

Updated: November 2016

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According to a 2016 TrackMaven study, the overall best times of day and days of the week to post on social media are:

  • Twitter: 5 p.m. EST, Thursday
  • Facebook: 8 p.m. EST, Thursday
  • LinkedIn: 9 a.m. EST, Wednesday
  • Instagram: 7 p.m. EST, Friday
  • Pinterest: 1 a.m. EST, Friday

The study also recommends:

  • Businesses need to develop a channel-specific social media strategy for distributing their content.
  • The best time to post varies depending on what your brand is writing about and which audiences you are trying to reach.
  • The best times to post vary by social network.

TrackMaven graph

Will this data change the way you promote your business or nonprofit organization using social media?

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