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Authenticity is important to your brand, whether you represent a small-medium business, nonprofit organization, or yourself as an individual. It’s more than a buzzword says a new global study by Cohn & Wolfe, a global communications agency.

Its 2016 study on authenticity defines what consumers believe are the individual attributes of authentic behavior and whether a brand displaying these attributes will affect consumer actions.

The study identifies a large “authenticity gap” between brands and consumers, with 75% of nearly 12,000 consumers surveyed across 14 markets indicating that brands and companies have a credibility problem.

What’s sad is that 78% of consumers do not think brands are open and honest. Ouch.

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Do you sometimes get bogged down when writing your business’ or organization’s marketing content? Is it filled with jargon or technical information?

There’s an answer for you… Cut it out!

When your marketing language is difficult to understand, and only “insiders” know what you’re talking about, you have a big problem.

“Language is how customers get to know you. If what you’re saying as a brand strikes the wrong tone, is inconsistent or difficult to understand, it’s going to affect how they feel about you. Worst case scenario, they might just give up and go elsewhere,” said Anelia Varela, U.S. director of The Writer consultancy.

The Writer consultancy recently released key findings from a new study of Fortune 1000 companies in the U.S. revealing that more than 80% of the businesses surveyed have no formal tone of voice (or what some call “verbal identity”), and 94% of these have no intention of creating one. And yet, 80% of early adopters of tone of voice say it’s just as – or more – important than their brand’s visual identity. Continue reading

Guest Post by Jeanne Bliss

problem-solving cartoonDeloitte recently did a study of 7,000+ companies in 130+ countries called Deloitte Human Capital Trends 2016. You can see the full report and its findings at the link, but one of the more interesting parts is represented in this graph: Continue reading

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