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Every year at this time, Pantone (the color management company) announces its color of the year. For 2016, there’s an anomaly, however. There are two selected colors!

Those in creative professions and industries chomp at the bit awaiting this announcement so they can stay au courant with color trends. In the past, colors of the year have included rich jewel tones, loud primaries, and soft pastels.

However, next year, Pantone’s choices are perfect for the babies in your life. Well, the stereotypical colors for babies.

Pantone rose quartz samplePantoine Serenity  color


Rose Quartz and Serenity are the 2016 Colors of the Year. See what I mean?

Don’t they convey the stereotypical pink and blue colors we associate with babies?

Now, imagine these shades used in interior design, brand identities, and fashion clothing. Would you choose them?



Just so you have a way to compare the colors of the past, see this infographic below. Emotions and life experiences affect our preferences. Which decade do you prefer?

Pantone’s Colors of the Year up to 2013

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