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john-kasichIn keeping with “How to Add Inspiration and Aspiration to Your Brand – Part 1,” today’s post (Part 2) focuses on the second important feature of a strong brand - aspiration.

When you listen to the presidential debates and town halls, have any of the candidates shared their visionary objectives for America? These are their aspirations - policy positions in this case.

Dictionary.com’s definition of “aspiration” as it pertains to this topic:

  • a strong desire, longing, or aim; ambition
  • a goal or objective that is strongly desired

Of course, having aspirations is standard fare for political candidates. In order to win elections, they must share and market these aspirations to voters in inspiring ways.

However, they also risk promising too much and disappointing many. Isn’t that why the electorate today is so frustrated and angry? Too many politicians have promised the moon and stars and then cannot deliver for a variety of reasons.

So, how does “aspiration” apply to businesses or organizations?

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Happy New Year

A new year, a fresh start, and an entire calendar waiting to be filled with exciting marketing, branding, and customer experience campaigns.


 May 2016 bring you much success!


All my best,

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What Do Sexy Babes Want by Following Me?

Have you seen these scantily clad Twitter babes? The ones with buxom boobs looking like Penthouse wannabes?

Have you checked out their tweets? I won’t even share the hashtags they use, but use your imagination.

The big question is… why the heck are they following me????? Continue reading

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