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use your voiceA new study by the University of Chicago Booth School of Business shows that using our voices can make a big difference in winning a new job. And neuromarketing guru, Roger Dooley, says we can use the voice effect to our advantage for other purposes, too.

“It’s reasonable to assume that the same thing would happen in other situations involving first-time contacts. Initial sales contacts, for example, have a lot in common with job interviews.”

Really? Now you tell us!

According to the study, “A résumé highlighting stellar professional credentials and experience could pique the interest of a prospective employer, but it’s your voice that may actually help you land the job.”

Get this:

When hypothetical employers and professional recruiters listened to or read job candidates’ job qualifications, they rated the candidates as more competent, thoughtful and intelligent when they heard the pitch than when they read it — even when the words used were exactly the same. As a result, they liked the candidate more and were more interested in hiring them.”

During the study, evaluators either read the written pitch, listened to the audio portion of the recorded pitch, or watched the video with the audio. Yet, the sound of the candidates’ speaking made a big difference in how evaluators perceived them.

Dooley has some excellent advice for us. “If you are pitching someone who doesn’t know you, do so in a way that includes your voice. A telephone call or in-person visit should create a better impression, on average, than an email.”

And, I always thought a brief email would be better so as not to interrupt prospects. Well, now we know.

Has speaking with prospects been more successful for you than using emails or other forms of communication?


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