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Young woman reading newspaperIf your business or nonprofit organization targets baby boomers and/or millennials, you’ll be surprised at these survey results. The recent MarketingSherpa Consumer Purchase Preference Survey uncovered U.S. millennials’ and baby boomers’ preferences for receiving marketing messages when they’re away from computers.

My first thought was that they prefer getting emails on their mobile phones. But I was wrong!!

The majority actually chose a traditional marketing channel…

Print ads!

In response to this question: “”Which of the following methods, if any, do you prefer companies to communicate with you when you are not at a computer? Please select all that apply,”almost half (48%) said they prefer print ads.

Are you shocked? See… print’s not dead!

The second choice is “Email on my Smartphone,” and the third one is another surprise. Almost a quarter selected radio ads!

Take a look at the chart below. You can see how many traditional marketing channels there are as well as the preference differences between millennials and boomers.

MarketingSherpa chart

I have long been a proponent of marketing mixes consisting of digital and traditional channels. Of course, it always depends on your target audiences.

For those of you who have eliminated traditional marketing channels altogether, does this survey give you second thoughts?

For more details on this survey, visit this MarketingSherpa web page.

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