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“The decision-making network in our brain doesn’t prioritize.” That’s what neuroscience tells us, so how can we adjust our marketing messages to improve response rates?human head with Speech Bubbles in brain-ica compressed

Quite a bit based on the following article/book review by Robert Paris, MBA, B.Comm, President of Points of You™ North America. What you’ll learn is valuable for small and medium-sized businesses and nonprofits. (My 3 Neuromarketing Tips come at the end.)  Continue reading

Linkedin-googly-eyesLast week I received a LinkedIn message from another marketer pitching his content marketing tool.  The message content sounded like recipients are small business owners who need help with content marketing. Really? Since my expertise includes content marketing, isn’t that a dumb thing to do?

Do these LinkedIn networkers really think they will endear themselves to prospects when they haven’t bothered to read their profiles - AT ALL?! And, he’s a second connection, not even directly connected to me.

Would a lawyer market his/her legal services to other lawyers? Duh. Or, how about plumbers to plumbers, or IT specialists to other IT specialists? DOUBLE DUH!

Read this one and see what I mean…  Continue reading

linkedin_messagesAre you guilty of messaging your LinkedIn connections without doing your homework first? Tch, tch.

Broadcasting marketing messages to people who are NOT in your target audiences can spell disaster. Want a good example?

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