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Top Tips for Using Emojis in Email Marketing

Guest post by Marketing Cloud


Emojis are cute and fun when it comes to personal correspondence — but do they have a place in the business world? The answer is a most definite yes. Using emojis in your email subject lines adds humor or playfulness to your message, can provide useful details, and can shorten messages.

But not all emojis work the same, and some convince recipients to open emails more than others will. And, emojis are different than emoticons which are keys on a traditional keyboard that convey emotions.

Emojis are now quite similar across different platforms, but just because you have access to all of them doesn’t mean that you should use them without forethought. The tone and relevance needs to be appropriate to the audience, and they need to be tested, tested—and then tested again.

Use this graphic below to help guide you in the most professional use possible of emojis. Continue reading

6 Worthy Marketing Tips to Improve Sales

Guest post by Dixie Somers

idea concept and dollar sign

The concept of getting a message to the masses has been around since the invention of the printing press in 1440. Today, marketing has evolved to the point where we can target people just about anywhere. Yet, some worthy marketing approaches are universal for one reason: they work!

These 6 marketing tips can help your business improve its sales:

Continue reading

The 5 Best Places to Invest Your Website Marketing Budget

Guest post by Marlena Stoddard

Websites used to be low-priority expenses where businesses mostly shared contact information and a little about their services. Now, company websites need to make positive impressions with thousands - or hundreds of thousands - of visitors.

In today’s market, it’s not enough for your website to merely “do the job;” it has to satisfy your visitors’ needs and desires. Here are five things that will make your website work for your customers.

1. Responsive Design

Responsive design is website programming that adjusts the layout and sizes of web page elements so that they work on different-sized screens and devices. Since as many as two-thirds of people would rather interact with beautifully designed content than content that is plain or lackluster, it’s important that your site is well designed. Continue reading

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