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woman thinkingGuest post by Jeffrey Gitomer

What is the importance of attitude?

Every person, you included, wants to achieve more, earn more, find happiness, be successful, and be fulfilled. At the root of all these elements is attitude. Positive attitude. Your positive attitude.

Every person, you included, instinctively knows that. Yet most people, you included, don’t really possess a positive attitude. Oh, you may think you do, but I promise you, you don’t.

Most people don’t read about attitude.

Most people don’t study attitude.

Most people don’t practice attitude. Continue reading


Two Businesspeople Having Meeting In Outdoor RestaurantI included this guest post by Jeffrey Gitomer because it applies to more than sales activities. It’s ideal for any small/medium business owner, fundraiser, or nonprofit professional who relies on building relationships. EF

Let’s do lunch!
Well, let’s do lunch the right way.

Too often salespeople think that getting a lunch appointment is the victory, and don’t concentrate on building rapport and the relationship to ultimately make the sale. Big mistake.

Even more often, companies and (cheap) managers will not reimburse salespeople for lunchtime meetings. Bigger mistake. Continue reading

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