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Mick Jagger singingIf Mick Jagger were a marketing expert, he’d sing that “Time is NOT on your side” when it comes to content marketing.

In Contently’s new study, Content Marketing 2016: Staffing, Measurement, and Effectiveness Across the Industry, 37% of respondents cited time as their biggest challenge in creating effective content. To put this into proportion, last year only 11% said they found time their biggest challenge.

This isn’t surprising considering that 73% of respondents say they plan to create more content this year over last.
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Story of ContentI came across this excellent Content Marketing Institute produced documentary about content marketing and wanted to share it with you. The one thing about content marketing you need to know from the start is that it’s been around forever!

Content marketing is simply the newest name for what we have called good old-fashioned marketing or advertising. Continue reading

business team standing in an office and smiling

This stock photo sucks - too pretty, too stiff, too posed. :(

Stock photos are everywhere - on billboards, websites, print and digital ads… Organizations with big and small marketing budgets find royalty-free stock images easy to access, inexpensive to purchase, and a cinch to use. So, what’s wrong?

There are definite drawbacks to using stock photos. Even though I use them all the time, I wish there were better options. Here’s why. Continue reading

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