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Maybe you’ve been the recipient of a dumb email marketing campaign or two. Who knows? Maybe you’ve been the source of one without realizing it.

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woman reading emailDid you think email marketing was on the decline? Well, surprise! People actually want to receive email.

According to the 2016 State of Email Report by Litmus, 72% of respondents said they prefer companies to communicate with them via email over any other channel. And, with a return on investment (ROI) of 38-to-1 on every dollar invested, email has the highest ROI among digital marketing channels.

Here are some e-mail marketing tips based on the study as well as other research and my experience.

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email-mistakeAs a marketer I should have known better. Sometimes, we are so focused on advising others that we neglect to follow our own advice. :(

Email marketing has proven to be the mainstay of digital marketing campaigns for both the business and nonprofit sectors. According to the Small and Medium-Sized (SMB) Lead Generation Benchmark Report, email marketing is the most effective online tactic for lead generation. Email marketing is also essential for nonprofits - if they can increase their deliverability rates, they could increase their revenue by 14%! (The 2015 Nonprofit Email Deliverability Study)

So, what’s the #1 barrier to greater email marketing success?

It’s all in your lists!

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