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cartoon character with rocket boosterNext week, I’m heading to the northeast for a week of presentations to local small businesses. My topic? “How to Market Effectively.”

Sounds fairly broad, so I’m narrowing it down to some basics. The first thing I discuss is branding.

What is a Brand?

I’ve written about this many times. A brand is not just your logo, look, or colors. It’s the combination of a customer’s experiences with your business at every touch point along the customer journey.

Your small business’ brand emanates from the mindsets, attitudes, and behaviors of anyone and everyone involved in it. Every word, action, nuance, interaction, story, appearance, etc., has a profound impact on your customers’ experiences.”
(from Beyond Your Logo – 7 Brand Ideas That Matter Most for Small Business Success, © 2015, Elaine Fogel)

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gladd half empty or fullDo you see the glass half empty with your marketing efforts? Are you struggling to make gains in marketing your business or nonprofit organization?

Standing out and generating buzz, leads, brand recognition, and revenue are really challenging goals these days. And, you may feel frustrated with your progress.

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tv with marketing channelsYou want to stand out, right? Yet some marketing channels are getting so over-saturated that it’s harder to gain attention and engagement for your business, startup, or nonprofit.

Doesn’t it seem like everyone is trying to occupy the same marketing space?

Since there are a host of available marketing channels, have you given any thought to trying new ones to reach your target audiences?

Please take this very short survey so we can see which channels to watch.

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beyond-your-logo-3dMy new book, Beyond Your Logo: 7 Brand Ideas That Matter Most For Small Business Success is now available in paperback and e-book. Click here for the list of booksellers worldwide where you can get your copy!


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