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My Birthday Wish For You

birthday-wishToday is my birthday and I have a wish for you! Unusual, maybe, but it’s heartfelt.

I wish that you and your colleagues will develop, or improve upon, your organization’s customer orientation and brand-centric mindset. Why?

Because I want you to succeed. These are not the words of a marketer who has ulterior motives to gain your business or sell my new book.

Frankly, if you never call me or read my blog ever again, please… just focus on your nonprofit or business mission, putting customers at the center of every action and decision. Spread the customer passion like an evangelical sermon. Put some joy and fun into your everyday operations and watch the transformation.

Can I blow out the candles now? 


Do Your Marketing and Business Challenges Keep You Up at Night?

Person Having Trouble SleepingIf you lie awake thinking of your company’s marketing and business challenges, rest assured that you are not alone. In fact, Salesforce Marketing Cloud did a wide-ranging study that looks at the top digital priorities, obstacles and channels, drawn from a survey of more than 5,000 marketers from around the world. It may give you some hope - in a therapeutic sense.

First off, in tied first-place position at 27% are these three challenges: new business development, quality of leads, and remaining up to date with current marketing technology and trends. At 26% comes customer acquisition all demonstrating an emphasis on revenue growth and technology.

Other interesting results to note:  Continue reading

Stop Pitching in Your First LinkedIn Message!

Baseball PitcherYou know who you are… LinkedIn members who send countless messages pitching your business, products, or services in your first communication with new connections. What’s with that?

Do you really think that people will receive your messages with open hearts and minds? I know I don’t.

How about creating a relationship first? Would you approach someone at an in-person networking event and immediately start selling, or would you engage in some conversation first? (That was rhetorical.) Well, LinkedIn is the same thing!

Plus, how many of these sales pitchers bother to read our profiles to see whether we fall within their target audiences? I can’t even count how many times LI members try to sell me the same marketing services that I offer! Hello? Continue reading

It’s Swap Ideas Day So Get Creative!

swap-ideas-dayToday, September 10, 2014 is Swap Ideas Day! According to the Days of the Year website, the idea behind Swap Ideas Day is that everybody gets together to exchange ideas.

“People celebrate this occasion by connecting with other people to share thoughts and concepts. There are no rules outlining the nature of the ideas to be shared, thus making Swap Ideas Day an ideal opportunity for people to be as creative and wacky as they like with their ideas as well as learning from the ideas of others.”

Time for all you marketing-minded people to get creative! Here are 5 suggestions:  Continue reading

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