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Baseball PitcherYou know who you are… LinkedIn members who send countless messages pitching your business, products, or services in your first communication with new connections. What’s with that?

Do you really think that people will receive your messages with open hearts and minds? I know I don’t.

How about creating a relationship first? Would you approach someone at an in-person networking event and immediately start selling, or would you engage in some conversation first? (That was rhetorical.) Well, LinkedIn is the same thing!

Plus, how many of these sales pitchers bother to read our profiles to see whether we fall within their target audiences? I can’t even count how many times LI members try to sell me the same marketing services that I offer! Hello?

I’ve blogged about this previously! “Why Aren’t You Doing Your Homework Before Messaging LinkedIn Connections?” “Shame on You if You Send Overt Promotions on LinkedIn.” But, the messages still arrive daily.

I used to be polite and respond to each overt promotional message, but now I don’t bother anymore. It takes too much time. If they haven’t figured it out, I’m not about to be their LinkedIn etiquette coach.

They’re lucky that I don’t report their messages as spam, especially when they aren’t first connections and access my inbox through group membership. But, who knows - the volume of pitches is increasing and I’m getting annoyed.

If this describes YOU, stop pitching and start engaging. Bring something of value to the table. Build relationships. You never know; maybe you’ll see better results.

One thing I do know for sure. If your first message to me is a pitch, don’t waste your time.

OK, ‘fess up. Does this describe you? Or, do you receive LinkedIn messages like this, too?


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