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queenIt’s true! Email as a form of communication celebrates its 44th year. In 1971, computer engineer, Ray Tomlinson, sent the very first electronic message.

Queen Elizabeth II became the first head of state to send an email in 1976. And, the rest is history.

Here’s the history of email in an infographic from ReachMail. Enjoy! Continue reading

Baseball PitcherYou know who you are… LinkedIn members who send countless messages pitching your business, products, or services in your first communication with new connections. What’s with that?

Do you really think that people will receive your messages with open hearts and minds? I know I don’t.

How about creating a relationship first? Would you approach someone at an in-person networking event and immediately start selling, or would you engage in some conversation first? (That was rhetorical.) Well, LinkedIn is the same thing!

Plus, how many of these sales pitchers bother to read our profiles to see whether we fall within their target audiences? I can’t even count how many times LI members try to sell me the same marketing services that I offer! Hello? Continue reading

Guest post by Jeffrey Gitomer 

customer-loveWhat’s the “RAP” on you and your business?

What do you mean you don’t know? YOU CREATED IT!

Just ask Mother Google. She is standing by with millions of info-bits and info-bites about you and your business that you (or anyone) can have in a nanosecond. For free.

What is posted about you (not what you have posted about yourself) on Google, or on any social media, is a reflection of how others perceive you. It’s also what others, who are looking for you or what you sell, may think of you once they find you. In short, it’s your “RAP.”

The old word is “rap sheet.” It was a police term for a summary of what was factual about your past – your record of events – mostly bad. It was a forerunner to Google.

I am creating and redefining a new “rap sheet” that encompasses both good and bad. It’s not just about “what was” – your 21st century RAP sheet is about both “what was” and “what is.” And just like the old rap sheet – you create it.

Unlike the old rap sheet, the new RAP sheet can help you attract and grow IF you’re aware of your online presence and how that affects and impacts your sales and your business.

The new RAP sheet – or should I say the “RAP of sales” – is broken down into segments that define the process by letter (R.A.P.) and once you read them, you will at once have an understanding and a game plan to improve in each area. You’ll also have insight as to why the new RAP on you can make or break your business.

 Here are the RAP elements:  Continue reading
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