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Customer Loyalty

DellWouldn’t it be great if all your customers or donors stuck with you year after year? Now, that would be customer loyalty Nirvana, right?

I’ve read countless articles, posts, and resources on customer loyalty yet it took my recent Dell computer purchase to learn the best way to do it. Want to know what it is?  Continue reading

Most are familiar with the cliché: “You only have one chance to make a good first impression.” It doesn’t just apply to people - it’s true for businesses and nonprofit organizations, too.

Although every brand touchpoint in your organization should be amazing, the first one customers experience represents a big responsibility. It’s make-it or break-it time.

A recent survey conducted by ClickFox underscores this belief. It states that almost 60% of consumers decide when a brand becomes their favorite immediately after their first purchase or service begins. 

And, which factors are most influential in their loyalty to brands? 

Continue reading

customer-retention-acquisition“Good” advice for small business marketers depends on who’s making it. Yet, the latest research facts on where small businesses focus their marketing efforts speak loudly.

Whether by cause or effect, about 6 in 10 SMBs surveyed by Manta and BIA/Kelsey now earn the majority of their annual revenues from repeat rather than new customers. And, some 56% are investing less than one-quarter of their time and effort on marketing for customer acquisition. Now, that’s a switch, isn’t it?

So, how are they retaining their customers?  Continue reading

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