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birthday-wishToday is my birthday and I have a wish for you! Unusual, maybe, but it’s heartfelt.

I wish that you and your colleagues will develop, or improve upon, your organization’s customer orientation and brand-centric mindset. Why?

Because I want you to succeed. These are not the words of a marketer who has ulterior motives to gain your business or sell my new book.

Frankly, if you never call me or read my blog ever again, please… just focus on your nonprofit or business mission, putting customers at the center of every action and decision. Spread the customer passion like an evangelical sermon. Put some joy and fun into your everyday operations and watch the transformation.

Can I blow out the candles now? 


self-promotionOh-oh. You know those little pitches we add to our blog posts and other content? Those subtle hints that we have a product, service, or mission to promote?

Well, now we know they’re TABOO! So says a new Kentico Software survey, as reported by Natalie Burg on Contently.

Customer trust in content marketing is high, but it plummets the second a brand tries to push a sale.” 

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thanks-for-social-media-mentionsDoes your business or nonprofit organization monitor the Internet for social media mentions? Good and bad references affect its brand reputation, so knowing what people say - and replying - are very important.

Besides, if your goals are to increase leads and sales (or donations), build brand reputation, and improve search rankings, every response you make contributes.

Since, I’ve blogged on social media complaints (Are You Responding to Social Media Complaints? and How Do You Handle Social Media Complaints?), I’d like to focus on the lowest hanging fruit - positive comments and references, as these are the easiest to manage.

Why you should say thanks…  Continue reading

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