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young unhappy and disappointed female shows thumbs down gesture-icaThere’s nothing like stating the obvious. Why would any business use misleading advertising at all - especially when it has a good reputation or is trying to build it?

There’s a good lesson here for small to medium businesses whose brand reputations could potentially implode if they practiced business this way. Case in point… American Express.

First, let me say that I have been very brand loyal to Amex for many years. It was the only credit card company that gave me credit when I relocated from Canada to the US. Who knew that credit bureaus don’t share information over borders? One can have a stellar credit rating but has to start from scratch when relocating. Ouch.

So, here’s the promotional email I received from Starwood on July 14, 2015:

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thanks-for-social-media-mentionsDoes your business or nonprofit organization monitor the Internet for social media mentions? Good and bad references affect its brand reputation, so knowing what people say - and replying - are very important.

Besides, if your goals are to increase leads and sales (or donations), build brand reputation, and improve search rankings, every response you make contributes.

Since, I’ve blogged on social media complaints (Are You Responding to Social Media Complaints? and How Do You Handle Social Media Complaints?), I’d like to focus on the lowest hanging fruit - positive comments and references, as these are the easiest to manage.

Why you should say thanks…  Continue reading

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