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Customer Engagement

3-simple-waysYou receive an email from an online lead inquiring about your product or service. How do you handle it?

Do you respond right away? How do you engage the prospective customer?

How do you win the new customer?

Here’s a recent “real-life” story of my own need for service. The water fountain in our front entryway was filled with algae and dirt from the birds that love to drink and bathe in it. Time for a professional cleaning.

I researched online to find a local fountain maintenance company and discovered three options. I took a photo of the fountain and emailed all three on Jun 29, 2015 at 3:16 PM with the same wording:

“Can you please give me an estimate of the cost to clean the fountain in the accompanying photo? Thank you.”

Company #1 responded at 4:42 PM with the following: Continue reading

marketing-news-tidbitsThis week’s tidbit topics include SEO tactics, content marketing, and online personalization.

  • Relevant content creation is the most effective AND difficult SEO tactic says a new study by Ascend2. Some 81% of 286 global marketing, sales and business professionals believe that either outsourcing to a specialist (17%) or combining in-house resources and outsourcing (64%) represent the most effective resources for executing SEO tactics. (MarketingCharts)


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marketing-news-tidbitsI’d like to share two news tidbits and three excellent marketing quotes I discovered this week.


  • The mobile revolution is complete. Smartphones account for more than half of searches in 10 countries—including the U.S. and Japan—according to Google, which didn’t release exact percentages or a full list of countries. (Adweek)
  • A study by Pinterest and MillwardBrown shows that the image-based social network not only helps consumers discover new ideas and products, it also helps them find stuff to buy. (Helen Leggatt, BizReport)


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