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Do Ads Aggravate and Annoy You?

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So, the truth comes out, eh? People dislike ads.

So, where does that leave you when you’re marketing to customers and prospects? Good question! First, let’s look at the some recent research.

Get this: American adults are almost twice as likely to dislike (61%) as to like (34%) advertising! (YouGov.) And, Americans aren’t the only ones.

A recent HubSpot survey of more than 1,000 online browsers in the U.S., U.K., Germany, and France shows us what types of ads people dislike the most. Continue reading

Clever Inspirational Graphics Can Make Your Brand STAND OUT!

Nivea ad created by Jung von Matt/Alster, Hamburg, Germany

There’s nothing like an inspirational graphic to grab attention for your brand. But, small businesses and nonprofits can’t afford to hire top ad agencies, so what to do?

First, look for young local artists, illustrators, or art students who are willing to work with you at a fair rate. Ensure they are wizards at Photoshop. Many are building their portfolios early in their careers and, given the chance to create something unusual, will be eager to do it.


Next, you need to check out the unbelievable graphics shared recently on the Canva site. They will blow your mind! Continue reading

Who Do Bra Ads Target? Men or Women?

I was browsing the latest Kohl’s newspaper insert and took notice of its two pages of bra ads. I would normally turn the page without flinching. But, this time, I observed something that perturbed me. All the models’ boobs were busting out of their bras!

As I looked more closely, here’s what I noticed:

  • The Maidenform Custom Lift underwire bra model appears to be wearing a bra two sizes too small! More than half of her assets are overflowing with voluptuousness. I’d hate to see how unflattering she’ll look in a T-shirt.
  • The Playtex Secrets Sleek and Sexy Lift underwire bra model has her left arm pushing into her side, creating some décolté.
  • The Wonderbra Add-a-Size bra model is brimming with bosom above the fabric.

I could go on, but the theme is the same. So, who do bra ads target?

If they’re meant to target women, one could assume that bra advertisers are trying to attract young, white, women in their 20s. These are the models plastered in the insert. Based on the fact that many models are busting out of their bras, I’ll assume that they are on the less-endowed spectrum of size.

But, reality paints a different picture. The average bra size is 36C, not exactly flat-chested. The average weight of the American woman is 164.7 lbs. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 2005-2009 American Community Survey, the average age of the American woman is 37.9 years.

So, why such a disconnect?

Or, are these ads targeting men? Now, that wouldn’t make any sense. Men don’t buy women bras. As most women know, each brand is different and sizing many be inconsistent.  The only way to get a good fit is to try it on. So, why appeal to men when they are not the consumers?

Beats me. The whole thing makes no sense. Can anyone explain it?

Rating the Super Bowl Ads

Place a multi-generational group of people in front of a 55″ TV broadcasting Super Bowl XLVI and you get the perfect pseudo-focus group. Based on a rating scale of 1-10, we took the average score after each spot.

Interesting that our group didn’t find that many exceptional ads. In fact, none scored a 10/10. However, four of them did get a score of 9:

  1. Pepsi’s ad, “The X-Factor Winner” with Elton John and Melanie Amaro.
  2. ​Volkswagon’s ad “The Dog Strikes Back.”
  3. Sketchers’ ad “Mr. Squiggly.” 
  4. NBC’s 24-hour Sports Network (maybe not part of the regular lineup, but a good one, nevertheless)

Here are the spots in the second tier - with average scores of 8.5:

  • Audi’s “So Long Vampires”
  • Doritos’ “Baby Slingshot”
  • Chrysler’s spot with Clint Eastwood
  • Acura’s “Transactions” with Jerry Seinfeld and Jay Leno
  • Bud Light’s “Here Weego _Rescue Dog” (which also had a social marketing message for rescue dogs)
  • Chevy Sonic’s spot with animated bugs on the grille

The rest were a mixture of 6-7.5 with a few coming in really low like Best Buy, Bridgestone (with Steve Nash), H & M, HuluPlus, and Go Daddy’s “Wild Dream.”

Do you agree with this analysis? Which were YOUR faves?

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