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3 lessons on bloggingThe recent TrackMaven Content Marketing Report on blogging gives us valuable data we should note. After studying 4,618 blogs, 1.2 million blog posts, and nearly 2 billion social shares, researchers have some important information to share.

Have you ever wondered how often and when you should be posting to your blog? According to the report, Tuesdays and Wednesdays have the most posting frequency.


Days of Week in order of average posting frequency:

1. Tuesday & Wednesday (tied): 18% of all posts published
3. Thursday : 17.9%
4. Monday: 17.2%
5. Friday: 15.9%
6. Sunday: 6.8%
7. Saturday: 6.3%

Days of Week in order of average social shares:  Continue reading

business-cardThe demise of the 3½ x 2″ business card is a myth. If you’re working, you still need a business card. Why?

Here are seven good reasons:

1. They’re so easy to use. Business cards are the smallest form of advertising for your company or organization. Stash them in your pocket or purse in an attractive business card holder and you’ll look über professional when you whip them out.

2. They’re cheap to print. There are all kinds of business card offers online and offline. Some are cheaper than others to print. When you order cards, make sure that you’re comparing apples to apples in your specifications when you’re getting quotes. Some companies’ sizes are smaller or the stock is thinner. Our company charges $40 for 1000 cards on 14-pt white card stock, full color and bleed on both sides, and Aqueous coating. That comes out to 4¢/card! Now, that’s an inexpensive direct marketing tool. No stamps, no e-mail… you hand your business cards to people in person. Imagine that?! Continue reading

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