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3 Ways to Get Fans to Do Content Amplification for You

Image Source: ShutterStock.com

Image Source: ShutterStock.com

Guest post by Hilary Loren Smith

In today’s Internet-saturated society, everyone seems to be engaged with their hand-held devices, whether they are texting or tweeting, blogging and posting, or simply surfing the web. Speaking of surfing, let’s say we were having a big beach party, can we get all the cool kids out there riding those online swells talking about our gig?

That is the concept behind cranking up your content and blasting it out over the Internet. With the help of your new web buddies, your event could be the biggest thing to hit the sand since the Beach Boys. If you can get them stoked about your party, they will be chatting up a storm and promoting it for you. Here are three ways to get your material ripping online:

1. Surf’s Up! (Or, when is it the best time to hit the waves?)

Surfers seem to have a sixth sense about which wave will turn into a huge swell and when those waves are up. That’s when there are countless numbers of them out there hanging ten.

The same goes when it is “happy hour” online with the most traffic. Forbes magazine released these stats that show when the most sharing happens on social networking sites:  Continue reading

The Absolutely Wrong Way to Submit Guest Blog Posts

Woman Writing a LetterIf you’re looking for ways to build your personal, business, or nonprofit’s brand, submitting guest blog posts can help. However, if you approach submissions the way one guy did with me recently, you may as well quit marketing altogether!

If I hadn’t written every word of his email messages here, you’d think I was making this up. Read it for yourself and then tell me how you would have reacted.

On Thu, Oct 23, 2014, Bill (not his real name) wrote:


My name is Bill, I’m hosting specialist. Currently employed as a consultant in a couple of eCommerce companies. I’m also a web writer and co-author on several websites. You can see some samples of my work: link, link, link. At this moment I’m interested in makreting and I recently wrote an article “How to design successful exhibition stand” and I think it would be great for your site and interesting topic for your readers. My article is in this mails body:

(Content was included here. I didn’t edit any typo, grammatical, or spelling errors.)  Continue reading

If You’re Not Blogging, You’re Missing the Inbound Marketing Boat

Inbound Marketing Concept. Purple Vintage design.Trying to demonstrate ROI (return on investment) for inbound marketing tactics is proving to be challenging, says a new HubSpot study. With so many companies and organizations trying to “get found,” inbound marketing has been active for many years. (Inbound marketing: “activities that bring visitors in, rather than marketers having to go out to get prospect’s attention.” Wikipedia)

According to the study report “Businesses now turn to inbound methodologies to power sales (25%) and even customer service (10%).”

So, if you’re using content marketing, white papers, special offers, free stuff, etc. to draw in leads, you’ve been practicing inbound marketing. But, have you been tracking your ROI?  Continue reading

How to Get 10 Posts Out of One Good Idea

Guest post by Dennis Fischman

blog-post-cubesIt’s time to post to your blog. You scratch your head, pace up and down, drum your fingers, start several posts and delete them…and at last, you have it. It’s a good idea. You put the finishing touches on it and hit, “Post.”

“Uh-oh,” you say. “Now what am I going to use for Facebook?”

Save time and worry: take that one good idea and use it again. Here are ten ways you can re-purpose one good idea for blogs, social media, video, and print. Continue reading

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