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Why You Should Care About Social Listening

What the heck is “social listening?” Another marketing buzzword?

Well yes, it is! Ya gotta love marketing for all its new fangled terms and phrases that creep into our vocabulary.

I was a Tweetchat guest last week, so the subject is top of mind for me.  Here’s my definition: Continue reading

10 Very Cool & Unusual Twitter Bios That Stand Out

Twitter bird

When you use Twitter as part of your marketing communications strategy, you likely have several objectives. One, I’ll bet, is to gain new followers within your target audiences.

So, how can you stand out and attract attention? Well, take a hard look at your Twitter bio.

We don’t have many words to get a quick message across. Some of us use the space for important keywords to list what we do or who we are. Others, use cool and unusual descriptions that make us laugh or draw us in.


Here are 10 examples I discovered among my followers:

Continue reading

3 Reasons Why LinkedIn Connections Deserve to be Removed

Remove LinkedIn connectionI love LinkedIn for business but I dislike the way some people use the social network. In fact, I find it outright annoying for several reasons.

More and more, I am receiving crappy messages that take up space yet still require an action - which takes time. Maybe that’s why I don’t check in every day and wait until there are several messages and invitations before I tackle the site. I need the stamina.

Here are the 3 reasons why I remove LinkedIn connections: Continue reading

Forgive My Marketing Sins

2 praying handsI thought I’d share this post I wrote in 2012.


The Jewish holy day, Yom Kippur, begins tonight - 24+ hours of repenting sins and fasting. So, I thought it would be appropriate to list some of the marketing sins I have committed in the past year. It doesn’t matter whether you are Jewish or not, please add your own (marketing) sins to my list and we can begin fresh. 🙂 Continue reading

Social Media Gives People a License to Act Obnoxiously

holding-noseIt’s not just Donald Trump, Ann Coulter, and other celebrities slinging dirt on social media. There are plenty of “regular” people ranting, pointing fingers, and practicing totally obnoxious behavior.

It’s almost as if social media has given everyone with a grudge a platform to release all their tension, anger, frustration, and negative thoughts. It may be healthy for them to unload - maybe even cathartic - but, what if you’re on the receiving end?

I made the mistake of voicing an opinion on a “political” Facebook page. My comment wasn’t rude or provocative. In fact, I posed it as a question.

What I got in return were 2-3 mean-spirited replies. The weird thing is that I wasn’t disagreeing with these people. They interpreted my comments as opposite to their beliefs for some reason. I think they watch for any hint of opposing views to trounce on unsuspecting commenters with a “Let’s get ’em!” mentality. Continue reading

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