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fortunecookieIf you’re like me, you are compelled to open every fortune cookie after a Chinese-food dinner - even if you don’t eat them. There’s something that draws us in, whether we believe in Confucius sayings and simple predictions or not.

A few months ago, one fortune cookie held my attention enough that it still sits on my desk today. And, it provides sound insight about writing. With Words Matter Week approaching (March 2-8), I think it’s apropos to share my fortune cookie’s contents.

“Four basic premises of writing,” it says.  Continue reading

PrintMobile devices are convenient for sure. We can read just about anything on them, but try writing more than a couple of sentences and that’s where they just can’t cut it.

Size does matter, I’m afraid. At least for me.

I spend the most time on my desktop computer working in my home office. The screen is 25″ wide, allowing me to switch between windows easily. It’s great having a large screen for graphic design and copywriting while researching online. My keyboard has lighted keys and the mouse is ergonomic, designed for gaming. I can do anything on my desktop, except lug it around.

My 10″ netbook is ideal for traveling, working on airplanes and in the passenger seat of my car. The screen is smaller to see entire web pages, but the keyboard is easy to use. I have a USB laptop mouse I can attach so I don’t have to use the touchpad for long periods.

Then, I have an HD tablet, which I mostly use in the evenings to read social media, check Web sites, read blogs and books, and occasionally play games The challenge comes when I try to write blog comments or compose anything. Without a keyboard, it’s a pain in the butt.

Then, there’s the Smartphone. Unlike my younger colleagues whose thumbs dance across the keys, I loathe using it. The screen is small and I can’t write a thing unless it’s a few words. It’s definitely NOT for writers.

As much as mobile devices are convenient and allow us to keep in touch almost anywhere, they have major limitations. When I want to write, design, or research, the largest of my computing devices is my preference.

What about you? What do you use your mobile devices for versus larger computers? Do you find them limiting, too?

My bookOver the summer, I plan to finish the book I started on small business branding. I am very determined to see this through, especially after starting three marketing-related books and not completing one!

This one’s different. I have spent a gazillion hours on research. I have created at least eight cover designs until I realized that I’d better finish the content first.

I have written the first draft (145 pages so far) with the foundation for ten chapters. I’ve read several e-books on self publishing, which is likely the way I’ll go. I already have my own publishing company, so why not do it myself? Unless a credible publisher comes along and demonstrates why I shouldn’t self-publish. :)

I’m actually getting excited!

I’m curious to know if any of you are interested in serving as feedbackers - you know, providing feedback and recommendations. I’m going to choose a few marketing-savvy people and small business pros who wouldn’t mind serving in this capacity. And, of course I’ll add those names to the acknowledgements in the book! I’ll even add a link of choice in the e-book version!

So, my friends, forgive me if my blog posts are inconsistent for a little while. Of course, if you send me a note asking for more content, I’ll certainly consider it. :)

Which brings me to another topic. I’m also looking for good guest bloggers! Check out the guidelines here.

If you’ve already been through the book writing/publishing experience, please share your advice. Thanks!

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