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fish hook with dollar billGetting new leads is at the core of customer acquisition. No warm or hot prospects = no new customers.

There’s a plethora of lead generation tools available, both digital and offline. The key to success for your chosen method is to qualify your leads to ensure they fall within your target market segments.

Here’s a perfect example of what NOT to do: Continue reading

New York from aboveEntrepreneurship is on the rise in America. Hallelujah!

Although it isn’t back to pre-Recession levels, it’s still good news for the established small businesses that make up 63% of all employer firms in the United States. The Kauffman Index: Main Street Entrepreneurship presents trends in entrepreneurship activity over the past two decades, focusing on established small businesses -  older than five years with less than 50 employees.

So, do you live in one of the top 5 US cities for entrepreneurship?

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BrochuresPrint marketing materials? Remember those? The ones you can touch and feel?

Well, printed materials may have lost some luster since the advent of digital marketing, but, know this…. they are experiencing a resurgence. Marketers are realizing that branded print collateral can be an integral part of a sound marketing mix.

First of all, check out these surprising stats about print: Continue reading

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