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who-said-smmarketing-was-freeWhoever said that social media (SM) marketing was free is living in La-La Land. Even if your business has “free” SM accounts, content doesn’t appear by osmosis. It takes real, live people to create it, post it, and engage with it.

So, what does social media marketing cost?

As with most marketing tactics, the price tag relies on time and money. And, that figure is growing.  Continue reading

too-slow-turtleIs your company or nonprofit responding to complaints people make using social media? If not, it’s part of the 50% of brands without an effective strategy to manage potentially damaging social commentary. Oh-oh.

A new survey conducted by Social Media Marketing University (SMMU) uncovers that complaints in social media are on the rise. And why not? It’s easy for people to post their frustrations unlike the “old” days when they had to write and post a complaint letter and potentially wait weeks for a reply.

In this instant, digital world, people expect a reply from you as quickly as it takes them to post their rants. A different survey (from Millward Brown Digital commissioned by Lithium Technologies) discovered that a slight majority of Twitter users, who expect brands to respond to their tweets, feel that those responses should …  Continue reading

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