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Doing Good is Good for You

Guest post by Drew McLellan

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Tis the season of giving, but the truth is most businesses are community minded all year long. They care about making a difference in the community where their employees and customers live and work. Many times it might be through some in-kind services, a sponsorship, or donation or serving on a board.

All worthy and noble efforts. But if you spend a dollar, you’d like to gain at least what you invested, and ideally – even more than that. Your charitable contributions cannot only serve the community – they can serve your business as well.

Everything you do or don’t do is marketing. That certainly applies in the case of charitable giving, be it your money, talent, or time. Every company should have a civic mindset.

When we’re blessed with a good business we should use that business as a vehicle for serving others. But that doesn’t mean you have to do it in a vacuum or that it can’t be a win-win proposition.

Here’s how you put a marketing spin on your goodness.

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How Far Would You Go to Get Donors to Give More?

donors-oxytocinOK, fundraisers and nonprofit folk… how far would you go to get your donors to give more? Would you consider using modern marketing techniques that many retailers use?

What if you had the option of using Aroma, Touch and Words to stimulate giving? Curious?

According to a recent article in The Nonprofit Times, Russell James, III, Ph.D., a professor of personal financial planning at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas, tested the effects of aroma, touch, and specific words on charitable giving. His findings are surely fascinating.  Continue reading

Is Your Nonprofit Marketing to Boomers Effectively? 7 Nonprofit Boomer Marketing Tips


The Next Generation of American Giving, Blackbaud 2013

Did you know that Baby Boomers contribute 43% of all charitable giving? In fact, Baby Boomers control 70% of Americans’ disposable income, yet only 5% of advertising is geared toward their age group.

Is your nonprofit organization adequately targeting them and marketing to them effectively?


Let’s look at some important data on marketing to Boomers - those born between 1946 and 1964 (ages 49-67) who are poised to make up half the U.S. population in 2017. (Nielsen) Continue reading

Good News for Charities - Giving is Up!

U.S. year-to-date charitable giving through September 2013 totals $308.28 billion, an increase of 11.9% over last year! Wuhoo!

It’s another positive indicator that the economy is recovering and people are demonstrating their altruism. Plus, there’s more good news.

The Atlas of Giving predicts that 2013 giving will total $412.41 billion, 11.8% higher than 2012. The state with the most generous donors is New York, with a projected year-end increase of 23.8% The state with the least increase is Texas at 8.8%.

The report also forecasts an increase in foundation gifts - up 17.2%. But, the same increase isn’t true of corporate gifts.

Corporate gifts will account for the smallest growth in 2013 at 8.7%. What’s with that, corporations? Come on, get with the CSR program!

Religion will remain the largest giving sector, declining from 36% in 2012 to 35% overall in 2013. The most significant 2013 increase will be in human/disaster services – up 17.3%.

As we head into the holiday season, charities will be bombarding us with fundraising marketing. It’s up to all of us to give as much as we can to help restore the causes that took such a big hit during the downturn.

Do you plan to make donations before the end of the year? More, less, or the same as last year?

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