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Couple in living room using remote control smilingIf you’re targeting high-income Baby Boomers with your marketing, you’ve got to see this new research from the Luxury Institute. It surveyed consumers 21 and older from U.S. households with annual income of at least $150,000 about the types of media that they consume and the time they spend on each.

Affluent Baby Boomers are spending almost twice as much time with print and TV than their Millennial counterparts, while lagging in their usage of social media, online radio and online video. Not surprised? There’s more. Continue reading

Targeting younger audiences with your Facebook ads? Mafacebook-adsybe it’s time to rethink your social media marketing strategy. They’re spending way less than older audiences.

First, here’s some background why paid Facebook ads have increased…

Based on a recent study by Nanigans, we’re learning that organic reach on Facebook is shrinking, so marketers are investing in paid advertising to maintain performance. This corroborates Social@Ogilvy research released in February of this year which demonstrated the average reach of organic posts had declined from 12.05% in October 2013 to 6.15% in February 2014.

In fact, Facebook stated that increased competition for limited space in news feeds was the reason for brands getting less exposure. 

So, if your business or nonprofit is now paying for Facebook ads in order to stand out and generate revenue, you’d think your efforts would be fairly effective, right? Well, not if it’s targeting younger audiences. Continue reading

Millennials share more personal data than Boomers do.

Millennials share more personal
data than Boomers do.

Between the Baby Boomers and Millennials, which generation do you think trusts marketers more with their personal data? Remember, the Target store data breach isn’t far behind us and many people are becoming more protective of our personal information.

If you chose Millennials, you’d be correct. This year, Millennials are between the ages of 20 and 37 and account for about one quarter of the US population or 78.3 million individuals. According to new Mintel research, “Millennials are much more prone to oversharing relative to their Baby Boomer parents.”

60% of Millennials would be willing to provide details about their personal preferences and habits to marketers, whereas Baby Boomers are much more protective of their personal information. Find out which info they’re willing to share…  Continue reading

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