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Couple in living room using remote control smilingIf you’re targeting high-income Baby Boomers with your marketing, you’ve got to see this new research from the Luxury Institute. It surveyed consumers 21 and older from U.S. households with annual income of at least $150,000 about the types of media that they consume and the time they spend on each.

Affluent Baby Boomers are spending almost twice as much time with print and TV than their Millennial counterparts, while lagging in their usage of social media, online radio and online video. Not surprised? There’s more. Continue reading


Guest post by Steven Roberts


treeCan’t find anything to watch on TV lately? Have you been constantly flipping through the channels? Well, turn on a world of good at GivingHope.TV.

GivingHope.TV is a unique online TV network that airs nonprofit and social cause videos for free! The TV network is designed specifically to create more public awareness for charitable organizations and causes.

Charities’ videos are showcased, at no cost, on the GivingHope.TV site, where potential donors can discover them and watch their video stories. It gives nonprofit organizations an excellent opportunity to tell their stories using the powerful impact of video. The public can browse the videos, based on search terms – either by the name of the organization or a keyword – to help them make decisions about donating to causes of interest to them.

Donations from the public are made directly to the charities’ web sites; GivingHope.TV does not benefit from any donations. Businesses and corporations can place banner ads next to charitable organizations they support, increasing brand awareness and demonstrating a commitment to giving back to their communities.

Some of the nonprofit organizations that are currently on the GivingHope.TV site are:  Scott Helping Children Foundation, Feed My Starving Children, Dignity Health Foundation, The Miracle League of Arizona, Child Crisis, Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Scottsdale, Special Needs Activity Center for Kids and Mothers Awareness on School-age Kids, with more registering all the time.

Why Should Nonprofits Use GivingHope TV?

  • To educate and increase the public’s knowledge of your organization
  • To inspire others by telling your story with the powerful impact of video
  • To increase donations for your organization

Why Should Donors Use GivingHope.TV?

  • To learn more about nonprofit organizations that truly need your support
  • To watch the visual stories of nonprofits’ needs and accomplishments
  • To provide a way to share your favorite causes with family and friends

GivingHope.TV is a compelling and unique way to spread the word about nonprofit organizations and their causes. With dozens of new charities and hundreds of new videos being added over the next few months, GivingHope.TV  is the place to go to change the world, one video and donation at a time.


Steven Roberts


Steven Roberts is CEO of New Angle Media in Phoenix, Arizona and co-founder of GivingHope.TV with Al Maag. Follow them on Twitter @GivingHopeTV

Of all the marketing studies I have read this year, most have underscored the popularity and ubiquity of digital marketing as the “be all and end all.”

Until now.

In “Click Here: The State of Online Advertising - New insights into the beliefs of consumers and professional marketers” October 2012, research firm Edelman Berland, on behalf of Adobe, reports some interesting findings.

Traditional media is considered to be the best for marketing and advertising by consumers and marketers. Holy cow!

Take a look. Newspapers, TV, word of mouth, and print publications top the list. Maybe someone should tell newspaper and magazine subscribers? :)

So, what do you think? Will you be taking a fresh look at print marketing now?

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