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computer mouse with handWith so much attention paid to mobile marketing, it’s interesting that PC users click more email links than tablet and mobile device users. So says a recent study by MailChimp.

The reason could very well be that many emails and landing pages are not designed for mobile viewing. The study also points out that when campaigns have multiple links, those deeper in the email get fewer clicks, across all devices. In fact, the fifth link in a campaign was found to get roughly half as many as the first.

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Businesswoman at desktop computerIf you think all your marketing messages, websites, and landing pages should cater to mobile devices ONLY, a new study says otherwise. In fact, users often switch devices in order to finish tasks on a larger screen.

The Facebook study (commissioned by GfK) indicates that within the US, a slight majority - 53% of respondents who own two devices -  switch between them to finish tasks, while 77% of those who own three devices do so.

Larger screens are simply easier for things like making purchases, paying bills, booking travel, making donations, etc. That’s good news for those of us who have fretted over our sites’ mobile accessibility. 

As tablets and smartphones have become increasingly entwined within our everyday lives, switching between these devices and our trusty laptops or PCs is becoming ever more common.”

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