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Small and medium businesses and nonprofit organizations don’t always have the financial resources to pay for costly design tools. So, I compiled a list of seven of my favorite tools that are totally free.

And… I’m going to share them with you!


I use this tool all the time. Anytime I want to match a color, I launch Color Cop, drag the eye dropper to any color in an image, and the tool gives me the RGB and Hex codes for replication. This free multi-purpose color picker for Windows comes in different languages.

If you’re not familiar with RGB and Hex colors, they are used primarily for electronic media. Check Wikipedia for explanations. And, please note that the Color Cop developer accepts donations on the download page.

For print purposes, you’ll need to convert these colors to CMYK for 4-color print (cyan, magenta, yellow, black). Visit RGB-to-CMYK Color Conversion and Hex-to-CMYK Conversion.

Here are six more…  Continue reading

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