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donor-retentionIf you work or volunteer for a charitable organization, you may not know that the median donor retention rate in 2013 was only 43%. That means only 43% of donors who made a gift in 2012 did so again in 2013.

According to an article in The Chronicle of Philanthropy, based on The 2014 Fundraising Effectiveness Project report, “For every $100 in new donations the 3,576 groups in the survey received in 2013, they lost an average $92 from supporters who failed to give again and others who contributed less than they had previously.”

And, even though the retention rate represents a slight increase over the previous year, it is still a big red flag for charities. It reinforces my saying:

No Marketing. No money. No mission. 

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Computer keyboard conceptFor all those naysayer marketing experts who predicted the demise of e-mail marketing, all I can say is: Ha! You’re wrong!

In Gigaom Research’s new study entitled, “Workhorses and Dark Horses - Digital Tactics for Customer Acquisition,” we learn that email is consistently used across the entire marketing funnel.

Email marketing is the digital workhorse, deemed the most effective (relative to other digital tactics) for building awareness, acquisition, retention, and conversion. In fact, 56% of respondents identified email as being the most effective at retention, several points ahead of the second-most-effective tactic.”

The study demonstrates that 86% of survey respondents use it regularly, making it the most widely used digital marketing tactic, ahead of social media marketing (72%) and SEO (70%). Does this surprise you?

Yet, guess which two digital marketing channels are receiving the most budget allocations?  Continue reading

can-i-talk-to-someone-in-chargeOne of the most frustrating customer experiences is not having access to someone in charge - an employee who has decision-making authority. Whether yours is a small-medium business or nonprofit, ensuring that your customers can talk to someone in charge is imperative if you want to retain their loyalty. Unfortunately this didn’t happen to our business when we recently contacted …  Continue reading

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