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social-media-treeAlthough 95% of business-to-business (B2B) companies have set up social media accounts, only half are actually using them regularly. In addition, 60% of respondents weren’t using any Social Media Intelligence (SMI) tools on their active accounts, according to a recent study by SiriusDecisions.

Even though we know that using Facebook and Twitter to gain organic reach is next to impossible now, it’s still important to monitor social media accounts for customer service purposes. That includes customer and prospect questions and inquiries, issues, problems, and compliments. If you ignore these social media channels, customers may not seek out your business in other channels, hence you’d lose an opportunity to engage with them.

Here’s the infographic based on this research:  Continue reading

social-vs-socialmediaIf you believe that ‘social media marketing’ is the same thing as ‘social marketing,’ you’d be incorrect. Did you know that social marketing has existed since the early 1970s - long before the advent of the Internet?

So many digital marketers, bloggers, and agencies are getting it wrong. They think these two terms are interchangeable. They’re not, and here’s why.

Social Marketing

The American Marketing Association defines SOCIAL MARKETING this way:  Continue reading

I don’t know about you, but managing all my social media sites often takes more than 30 minutes a day to do it well. I wish I could cut down the time I spend on it so I can do some work!

According to Brianna Smith in a recent Social Media Today post, “It is actually possible if your daily use of social media is built upon a well-developed social media strategy.”

What’s the key?

She references an infographic developed by Matt Wesson of Pardot that focuses on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, and Instagram. The key is to focus on the top six social media channels that the majority of our customers frequent.

These wouldn’t have been my first choices for my own objectives, but maybe they’ll fit with your small business’ or nonprofit’s social media goals. If not, substitute them accordingly. Then, let me know if it’s working.

Which six social media channels would you choose?


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