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I’ll facebook-twitterbet your small business or nonprofit organization spends considerable time on its Facebook page and Twitter account trying to engage new people. After all, aren’t these two social media sites the most effective in reaching prospects, customers, and donors?

Not anymore says a recent Forrester study. “It’s clear that Facebook and Twitter don’t offer the relationships that marketing leaders crave. Yet most brands still use these sites as the centerpiece of their social efforts — thereby wasting significant financial, technological, and human resources on social networks that don’t deliver value,” says Nate Elliott of Forrester.

Now get this… “In the next 18 months… Facebook will become nothing but a repository for display ads,” Elliott predicts. Holy!!

So now what?  Continue reading

Image Source: ShutterStock.com

Image Source: ShutterStock.com

Guest post by Hilary Loren Smith

In today’s Internet-saturated society, everyone seems to be engaged with their hand-held devices, whether they are texting or tweeting, blogging and posting, or simply surfing the web. Speaking of surfing, let’s say we were having a big beach party, can we get all the cool kids out there riding those online swells talking about our gig?

That is the concept behind cranking up your content and blasting it out over the Internet. With the help of your new web buddies, your event could be the biggest thing to hit the sand since the Beach Boys. If you can get them stoked about your party, they will be chatting up a storm and promoting it for you. Here are three ways to get your material ripping online:

1. Surf’s Up! (Or, when is it the best time to hit the waves?)

Surfers seem to have a sixth sense about which wave will turn into a huge swell and when those waves are up. That’s when there are countless numbers of them out there hanging ten.

The same goes when it is “happy hour” online with the most traffic. Forbes magazine released these stats that show when the most sharing happens on social networking sites:  Continue reading

content-marketing-canstockphotoIt seems like content marketing is the marketing buzzword of the year even though it’s been around for eons. Maybe we didn’t use the term, “content,” but we produced traditional information nevertheless. The only challenge was measuring it back then because content came in print, broadcast, outdoor, and other traditional advertising channels.

With the advent of digital marketing came the ability to measure our marketing efforts. But, there are so many things we can measure that it can be confusing, especially for non-marketers trying to track their business’ or nonprofits’ progress and results.

Along comes this excellent infographic from eConsultancy that illustrates four ways to measure content marketing.

Take a look and share which ones you’re doing and why. Are they working? Which ones would you like to try? Continue reading

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